From Historical to Sentimental.

McHugh’s restores porcelain, glass, crystal, dolls and bears. These can range from the very valuable to the merely sentimental. Antique to New. People have many reasons for having their broken things restored but the biggest is because they are loved and have special meaning. We can do it!

At McHugh's we are able to fill chips and make missing pieces, such as arms and fingers, handles, finials, -- anything that once was, but now is missing. There are almost no limits on what can be done with broken porcelain. So don't throw it out!! We can do it!

We can polish out the chips in the rims of your Waterford goblets, put back together your shattered vase. We can do it!

We can re-string, re-dress, and do just about anything else that your antique doll might need. Has your poor old teddy bear been loved forever and then stuffed in a box in the attic? Is he in need of being patched, missing an eye, need some stuffing? Does he just need to be cleaned? Have they been in a fire and help? We can do it!

Do you have just one item or a whole collection of toys, dolls, or nick-nacks that you want to get rid of?  We can either buy them or sell them for you. Ask us for details! We can do it!