McHugh's has been offering estate tag sales since 1992.  We are family owned and operated. 



Our staff includes several family members and is run by a mother and daughter team.  We pride ourselves in offering you the most professional, reliable, profitable experience possible.


Here is how our process works:


 Decided you need an estate sale company?

You've called us and set up an appointment.

On our initial meeting we will take a walk through  the property and give you ideas and options. 


At that time we will be able to give you an idea on how long it will take to prep the property, sale length and work out sale dates with you.


What we want you to do...

Don't throw ANYTHING away, stop, don't even consider it.

The worst possible thing we want to hear is "We've already thrown a bunch out or this is our 5th trip to Goodwill."


All you need to do is take what you are keeping from the home and leave the rest, that's right, leave the rest to us. Let us decide what is trash and what isn't.  You would be amazed at what people are willing to purchase.  More often than not, it is the small things that make all the money at estate sales. You don't need to clean out closets, drawers, rooms, garages, ANYTHING! We do it all!

Once we have a signed contract and key to the property, we will begin organizing the house.  We will throw out what needs to be thrown out, clean up glassware, furniture and items to make them presentable and saleable.  We will price and tag EVERYTHING in the house that will be sold. 

Once we have finished pricing everything, you will have a chance to come back through and see if you missed anything that you want to keep.  We understand, you can't have seen it all and you may see that special Christmas ornament your mother gave you as a child.



We photograph everything and post photos online, and on our 2 Facebook pages.  We advertise in the newspaper and on craigslist. We put a banner outside and directional signs through out the area.



We hold a 2, 3, or 4 day sale (depending on amount of items to be sold).  We staff the sale with our employees throughout the house and building(s) and they are available for questions or help to any of the customers.

At the sale we accept cash, checks with ID, and all major credit or debit cards.



Our goal is to empty the house and sell everything.  Granted there is usually something left over- that something is usually similar to that last box of odd things when you move.  We take care of any and all of that too.  It will either be donated, taken to auction or possibly put into consignment in one of our store locations.



When we are done at your property, we leave it broom clean.  It really is easy for you.  We will send you a check 10-14 days after the sale.




We have been in the antiques business since the 1960's and dealing with household items for longer than that.  We specialize in dolls and we have a very broad knowledge in porcelain, glass, collectibles, furniture, artwork, books, silver, and coins. If there is ever anything we are uncertain about, we will not hesitate to research it or have an appraiser come in.

Still have questions?  Give us a call, we are happy to answer any thing we can.


Call  Louise directly at 804-892-3036 or Brigid at 804-938-6749.

Or see our McHugh's Estate Sale website directly.  External link opens in new tab or